Tangie Burn OG

tangie burn og –
hms health – hybrid

THC: 24.02 / Terps: 1.44
Purchased: 02/11/2021

I first tried Tangie Burn OG with a 2gm purchase – as a special. Those first puffs and effects told me right away that this was a keeper.

image: leafly.com

From HMS Health, this was a going to be a new favorite for sure.

So a week later, I went back to the dispensary to buy an additional 1/8 oz (3.5gm).

I’ve found that sometimes a return trip for the same flower yields a drier product. And sure enough, the 1/8 was just a tad drier.

Tangie Burn – 2gm popcorn / 3.5gm bud

Also, the dispensary didn’t label the 2gm special as “popcorn” size. Not that I care… popcorn is fine with me. But even the nugs in the ⅛ oz were small.

This is the first time I’ve had some flower from HMS Health.

But I just might have to blame the bottle/container for the dryness of the buds. I’m not a fan of the push-down-twist cap. I just don’t feel it creates a good seal to keep the product fresh.

HMS Push Twist cap

Smoking Tangie Burn OG in a small glass pipe, I’m enjoying the mild smoke… but also the myriad of flavors. After sampling a few buds I found some pleasant tastes from sweet and citrus to smooth and spicy.

This flower makes me happy!

HMS Tangie OG nugs

Not necessarily energetic or motivated… just happy. Chill. (Not in a couch way).
But I also think the time of day has had an effect on the effect of how this strain hits me. Of course that probably applies to all strains.

Tangie OG Popcorn

To wrap up, I told my wife that if she wants to dip her toe back in and sample a little hit… this was the flower to go with. Not. Happening. Yet. Tho.

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