rosetta stone bud

Rosetta Stone

Not really sure why I picked up some Rosetta Stone back in December. Maybe it was the name or a review online.

rosetta stone strain flower bud on glass pipe.
Rosetta Stone bud on pipe

I found it to be a bit on the harsh side. Just slightly. But I’ve had harsher, and after a few hits it gets more tolerable.
Also different flavors do come out as you get into more hits – making Rosetta Stone give up some hidden enjoyment.

The high is very middle of the road – kinda “safe” in intensity and very enjoyable.

rosetta stone strain nugget on a bail wire jar
Rosetta Stone nugget on bail wire jar

Pro: Great bud for beginners for effects and intensity.
Con: Harsh smoke at first.

THC: 24.5 / Terps: 1.25

Purchased: 12/02/2020

Are you a fan of the Rosetta Stone strain? Let me know in the comments below.


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